The Stakeholders international Magazine has as its editorial focus the promotion of economic interest by highlighting and end encouraging inward investment. This edition emphasises stakeholders, initiatives on issues of national economic importance. It is centered around corrupts practices that have been anathema to the management of our nation’s economic resources.

This resolves without a new legal framework, success by any advocacy group will at best be transient, will not endure. However, the basis for our fear is not unconnected with happening and anomalies that are threatening the accomplishment of the update of the academy presently, there is high prevalence of cronyism, abuse, pervasion and abuse among the Polac principal officers. The bazaar of corruption is predicated on the man. Permanent basis of appointment of the officials. A situation where the Nigeria state has become, for instance where a governor would openly declare he had to send a search party for the killers of people of his state so he could reward them with cash because he is of the same ethnic stock with the murderers and has still among their “Excellencies” in our country.

They were horrifying in the beginning Stakeholders Resolve to Key into Government Policies on Corruption. Until we became use to is thereby losing a substantial part of our humanity. Death of fellow citizens now mean nothing to us. We have arrived at some stage worse than the world of wide animals in the jungle. Today, burning issues like the nonpayment of pensioners, local government employees, dearth of teachers in our schools, coupled with decay of infrastructure in most of the schools in the rural areas, bad roads in the rural communities and a host of other stinking problems bestriding our states.

Nations such as Nigeria can impact the globe positively when things are handled properly. They may also affect the world negatively if things go wrong. It is not in the best interest of the U.S and indeed the international community to ignore Nigeria. The roles expected of the Central Bank is discharging its monetary policies obligations to maintain price and exchange rate stability in the country is to act as banker to the government and a lender of last resort to banks to ensure that banks that temporarily suffer illiquidity have a window to access for accommodation. Naturally, the Central Bank would not lend this money to the banks free and therefore the money is lent to the banks at an interest, which is the MRP.

RTEAN is not Agberoo association, we are road transport association and car owners. The Agberoo are those that does not have a car and they walk along the road side of motor parts collecting money from car owners. There is different between Agberoo and RTEAN members, you must have at least one vehicle before we accept you as our members, then you cannot be a car owner somebody will be calling you Agberoo. If we are described as Agberoo, then NLC, TUC and NBA becomes an Agberoos associations. How Acting President Osibanjo navigates that fine line between being seen to effectively hold the forte for t h e P r e s i d e n t a n d b e i n g misunderstood by Buhari’s inner cabinet (the cabal) as trying to ‘outshine’ his boss will determine whether in the future a President will trustingly hand over substantive power to the Vice President while away on medical vacation. The truth is that in any government there are usually many polarities and centres of power and the polarity that becomes the centre of gravity in the substantive president’s absence may not necessarily be that of the Acting President. Read on…

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